Cognitive and Brain Sciences

The Cognitive and Brain Sciences PhD program at the University of Kansas seeks students with the intellectual potential, motivation, and quantitative aptitude to engage in productive scholarship in a basic or applied area of interest, including:
• Cognitive psychology
• Cognitive neuroscience
• Developmental science
• Aging and cognition
• Child language
• Quantitative methods

The training program emphasizes the development of a broad-based foundation in theory, research methods, technical skills, and quantitative analysis for application in a variety of basic and applied research settings. Areas of focus of
current faculty members and faculty affiliate members include memory, cognitive development, language, perception, attention, aging, higher-order cognition, neuropsychology, computational neuroscience, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, philosophy of psychology, and philosophy of mind.

Our graduate students begin research as soon as they enter the program. As a result of this focus on research, our recent graduates have quickly found employment in academic programs, research organizations, and applied research units in industry and government. The current general program requirements are
here. The program follows a mentorship model; students are admitted to work with specific faculty members rather than to the program at large. Students and faculty can also work closely with one of our affiliated faculty members in other departments (Linguistics, Gerontology, Speech-Language-Hearing, and Philosophy). Every month there are talks by faculty members and researchers in the field that take place within the Psychology Department, in other KU departments, and at the KU Medical Center (see our CBS Brown Bag and Mind Lecture Series).

Our admission requirements are listed
here. During the application process, applicants are encouraged to contact faculty members with whom they are interested in working.

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