Research Facilities

The CBS program has available state-of-the-art research resources:

Resources for Behavioral, Psychophysiological, and Eye-Tracking Studies
The program has available a range of resources for cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience research, including testing rooms for behavioral studies, a psychophysiology laboratory equipped with multiple BioPac stations, as well as a screen-based Tobii eye-tracker.

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Hoglund Brain Imaging Center
Our neuroimaging studies are conducted through our collaboration with the
Hoglund Brain Imaging Center at KUMC using a brand new whole-body 48-channel 3T Siemens Skyra MR System for functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) studies. The scanner provides a full array of standard and additional features including a variety of clinical MRI and MRS protocols, various head, and body receive coils including a 12-channel head coil array.

The Hoglund Brain Imaging Center further has available a cortical magnetoencephalography (MEG) laboratory which is currently supporting a number of studies that take advantage of the millisecond temporal resolution of the MEG technique to provide insights into the dynamics of the evoked brain activity in relationship to a relatively wide range of neuroscience questions.

KU Infant & Early Cognition Laboratories
Research on Cognitive Development is facilitated by the resources available at the KU Infant & Early Cognition Laboratories and collaborations with the KU Life Span Institute (Dr. Colombo, Director).

Individual laboratories have available additional research resources:

  • Fully equipped tDCS laboratory for neurostimulation studies (Chrysikou Lab)

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  • High-density ERP laboratory (R. Atchley Lab)
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